Thursday, January 30, 2014

Purchases of non-coupon items

People have been asking me how to save money on meats, veggies, breads etc.  My family buys our meat at a local meat market, (Mazzaferro's in Rome - for all the local people) which last us just about a month and costs about $50.  Our bread is purchases at Freihofer's bakery outlet in Vernon and cost us for the month about $15, with out taking my daughter, about $25 if I take her.  Yes there are discounted cookies, snacks, cakes etc. in there which NEEDS to be bought in her eyes.  As for the veggies and fruits I usually try to get an overage at Wal-Mart and purchase some of that there but on most shopping trips the fruits and veggies I suck it up and buy it.  Same thing for milk and eggs. 

Next week is the shopping trip where most of this is purchased.  AND yes it will not be an amazing savings like last week.  BUT it needs to be bought!

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