Sunday, February 9, 2014

Price Chopper Deals Week of 2/9

Thanks for the tip on some of these deals Rachel :)  I have not used the Saving Star app yet but will be using it with this shopping trip. 

*** Buy 2 Progresso soups  10/$10 so $2. $1 off two coupon from so now $1. $.50 off coupon on doubles so now FREE. Use your Saving Star app for $.50 off 2  so now you just made $.50

***PowerAde is 10/$10 Buy 4 so $4.  Print off four coupons (if you have two computers) from for save $.50 on 1 which doubles so now all four are FREE

***Hamburger helper 10/10  buy 4 so $4. .75 off 3 at Saving Star so now $3.25. and $.80 coupon on doubles so total of $1.65 for 4 boxes

***All laundry detergent is 2/$7. buy 6 so total is $21. There are two ways to save on this item.

1.)  $2/2 twice on and 1 $2/2 on total is $6 off with coupons so $15. then get $5 more off on Saving Star app so spent $10 for 6 Alls. 

2.) If you bought the Utica OD and Syracuse Post last week (I think it was last week) there was a coupon for Save $3/2 All's.  I have two of these so this scenario would be use two $3/2 and one $2/2 printouts from or and spend $13.  Then get the $5 more off on Saving Star app. 

***Pillsbury Crescent Rolls & Cinnamon Rolls are 2/$5 use save a $1/2 printed from So now $4.  use $.40/2 from AND use the Saving Star app for $.50/2. Total price for 2 is $3.10.  Do this twice and get 2 Crescent Rolls and 2 Cinnamon Rolls for a total of $6.20

***Ragu Sauce 2/$3 I have coupons from I believe it was January 5th papers that save 2 - $.75/2 (both will double to $1.50/2) and 1 - $1/2.  Buy six Ragu Sauces for $5

***Nutella is 2/$7 use your B1G1 free coupons from, and spend $3.50 for two of them.  

I have not listed all the deals however I think I listed the tops coupon match ups for Price Chopper.  If there are any others that I missed.. Feel free to add a comment and post. 

Tops Supermarket match-ups will be posted soon!!


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